Personal Life Coaching Skills

To Bring Out Your Creative Genius,
Crush Your Problems And Achieve Your Goals

The Brain Walk® Is A Scientifically Based Tool
That Will Help You Overcome Your Challenges And
Empower You To Live A More Balanced
And Peaceful Life In Just 5-10 Minutes A Day

“The Brain Walk® - Genius Edition” will develop your personal life coaching skills and is the perfect way to bring out your creative genius to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals. That way you will be empowered to live a more balanced and peaceful life.

Using this tool in your own time you will learn valuable techniques for solving your challenges and ending your frustrations. It can be applied to any area of your life and you determine how fast you progress and at your own pace.

You will be and feel empowered and able to face the challenges in your life with ease.

This all adds up to a greater sense of peace and well being as you become more confident at handling your challenges.

The Brain Walk® will assist you every day in achieving priority goals in all areas of your life. That means you can have time to focus on what is most important to you rather than on worrying about things you have been unable to do anything about...until now.

Get rid of negative emotions and enjoy greater peace

Eliminating the emotions around challenges in your life so that you can think clearly and easily solve life's challenges is a massive benefit of the personal life coaching skills you will acquire using The Brain Walk®. With all the emotional baggage around your challenges dropped your energy and time can instead be focused on solving them.

You will feel lighter emotionally.

With regular and consistent use of The Brain Walk® you will begin to think much more clearly. The clutter that is preventing you from thinking clearly and coming up with solutions to your problems will lessen.

Free yourself of the things that are frustrating you at this time. Your frustrations can be a thing of the past with this amazing tool.

You can have positive energy all day. You can be more confident all day.

And the biggest benefit of all...

You will be happier and more at peace with yourself and your life.

Scientifically based tools for greater intellectual and emotional intelligence

This high-tech problem solver is based on scientific research on how the brain works. That is why it is effective in helping you overcome your challenges and enhance your creative thinking.

This is your opportunity to "think like an Einstein" and stream in solutions to your challenges and goals.

The Brain Walk® Inspires creative genius.

Achieve even greater success by raising both your Intellectual and Emotional intelligence using your newly acquired personal life coaching skills which will allow you to tap into the highest creative centres of the brain.

Your creativity will increase as will the speed with which you are able to come up with solutions to your problems. You will be able to “think outside the box” and will amaze yourself with your newly found creativity.

This means better results and greater success in your life.

Encourages positive thinking for greater energy and drive

Discover how to become a stronger bilateral thinker - someone who can switch more easily between left and right hemispheres of their brain. This allows for solutions to be within easier reach. You will not feel stuck anymore when faced with problems with these self coaching skills at your disposal.

The Brain Walk® Encourages positive thinking.

It is a well-known fact that you become what you think about - get rid of those negative thoughts and replace them with more powerful positive thoughts. You can then channel your improved energy and drive towards achieving positive results in your life as you become a more positive person with the personal life coaching skills you will learn.

Learn how to put the power of human values to work for your benefit

With the Brain Walk® you will learn life coaching skills that will help you to better demonstrate the 75 main values of humanity such as self-love, honesty, respect, self-acceptance, faith and wonder. With a deeper understanding and appreciation of human values you will begin to see how they apply to your own life and how they can be a source of strength for you.

You will gain a better understanding and appreciation of yourself and other people.

How would it feel to be a more likeable person? As you learn to accept and help others with their own problems and challenges based on these universal principles this will be easier to achieve. More harmonious relationships at work at home and at play will follow you.

Learn how to better celebrate the values in which we are already strong! Everyone has their strengths and good points. The trouble is that very often we are so overwhelmed by negative things we forget to look at the positives and to take advantage of them. Find out what yours are and how you can build on them for greater success.

You will learn to appreciate yourself more and the fact that you are already a strong person – you just didn’t realise it...until now.

Anyone and everyone can use the Brain Walk® for resolving challenges

Anyone can use and benefit from the Brain Walk® whether it is a man, woman or child. It is simple and easy to use, yet still fun, powerful and wonderfully effective. The whole family can use it and your friends can use it too. There is no challenge or problem that the Brain Walk cannot be used to resolve.

It will benefit both you and your loved ones.

The Brain Walk® is for family, corporations, and individuals. Its power can be used to solve even work and business related challenges. What a fun, interesting and innovative way to work on your corporate and business goals.

Your workforce will love it and it will improve your work environment and effectiveness.

The Brain Walk® can be used for enhanced productivity, creativity and innovation in all areas of your life. It is a powerful tool with universal applicability that will enhance anyone’s personal life coaching skills.

A complete kit for peaceful and victorious living

When you order the Brain Walk® you will get the complete set of tools which includes:
- The Brain Walk - “Journey for Peace of Mind”
- The Brain Walk - “Value Amplification”
- The Brain Walk - “Your morning stroll”
- The Brain Walk Map
- A set of Values Cards
- Worksheets
- A step by step instruction manual

It is packaged in a compact and portable way, which means you can carry it anywhere. Help is never far away and your peace of mind is safeguarded.

Order your “Brain Walk®- Genius Edition” Kit and make staggering progress

There is no need to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with your problems and challenges anymore. No problem or challenge will ever be too hard for you again. No problem or challenge will ever be a source of frustration for you again.

You will have greater piece and fulfilment.

That means you will achieve your goals with greater ease.

In short, the coaching skills you will gain using The Brain Walk® will help you to...

Live a more balanced and peaceful life.

Why waste another day being overwhelmed with problems and frustrations?

Order your Brain Walk® Kit today.

Dr. Moses Simuyemba
Associate Power Coach™

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