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Moses Chikoti Higher Education Fund for Africa (MC-HEFA)

All proceeds of the Amazon sales go towards supporting the Moses Chikoti Higher Education Fund for Africa (MC-HEFA). The fund aims to support talented but disadvantaged young African students who have done well at secondary school level but are unable to afford college or university fees to be able to attain a diploma or degree.

If you have any inspiring or educational articles to contribute yourself which can eventually go into publishing another book such as this one to support the fund, please send us your article here.

About the book

These inspiring stories are compiled by many authors around the world and have been selected to inspire you and challenge you to greater achievement. Over the years, Dr Moses Simuyemba has invited visitors to contribute their stories on his renowned website Motivation for Dreamers.

The response has been astounding, with hundreds of stories and poems being submitted. This book is a collection of just a few of those submitted articles from around the world. Thank you to all that have contributed and to the millions of visitors to the website who continue to give tremendous support and feedback.

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